Long considered an elite sport, golf today is no longer reserved for the wealthy, even if it is still expensive. 

It is therefore possible to have access to golf courses without going broke. 

Initiations to golf

All the golf courses offer introductory courses for beginner golfers to help them discover all aspects of the game. With the help of a qualified teacher, they give them the opportunity to hit their first ball. The price of the course is between 30 and 45 euros for 3 hours, which is affordable if you plan it!

Green card courses

At a price of 250 to 450 euros depending on the golf course, the green card course is a level certificate that guarantees that you have acquired all the technical bases of the game. The course allows you to take group lessons and gives you access to the golf club’s training facilities.

Golf passes

Some golf courses offer passes to access several courses in a region. As an example, the Biarritz pass costs 240 euros in low season and 300 euros in high season and offers you the possibility to have access to several golf courses in the region.

Join a network

By becoming a member of a network of golfers, you have the right to access the greens at very interesting preferential rates. Provided, of course, that you are a regular player. However, some clubs are sometimes closed and it is advisable to be “sponsored” in order to enter the network.


A great way to save money is to book your course online. Golf courses often offer preferential rates with discounts ranging from 30 to 60%.

Get golf equipment at a low price

To practice golf, it is essential to be equipped with the minimum required equipment, which represents a certain cost: half a set and its bag (50 to 100 euros)a golf glove (10 to 12 euros)a pair of shoes (100 euros on average)plastic (3 euros) and wooden tees (2 euros for 25)a pitching machine (3 to 10 euros)balls (6 euros for 12)a golf licence (about 50 euros)To equip oneself less expensive in golf equipment, Especially when you’re a beginner, avoid high-end brands and turn to second-hand items, so that you can test the discipline before investing in quality equipment later on. There are also a multitude of websites offering low prices.


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