New Volkswagen Golf SW (2020): classic or raised Alltrack

New Volkswagen Golf SW (2020) - Despite everything, the unloved Golf range is back in the limelight.Supported by the general public in our latitudes, it is enjoying great international success.To charm French customers, the Golf SW is also available as an adventurer, via the Alltrack label.

Few foreign compacts have known success in station wagons on our territory.When it comes to moving in this niche, the Peugeot 308 SW and Renault Mégane Estate come first to mind.However, it has been more than 25 years since The Volkswagen Golf benefits from this type of silhouette, which appeared on the third opus.The Wolfsburg firm seems to have high hopes for this new Golf 8 SW.So much so that it will soon benefit from the 333 hp of the demonic Golf R!

The Skoda Octavia Combi in the viewfinder

While the Golf 5-door extends over 4.28 m, its wagon pendant takes 35 cm more (4.63 m).This is 7 cm more compared to the previous generation.The more family attitude of this Golf is reflected both in the rear seats (+ 5 cm in wheelbase vs Golf 5p.), And in the luggage compartment, with a huge rear overhang.Progress reached 22 l (vs Golf 7 SW) in a 5-seater configuration, to peak at 611 l.This is more or less the volume displayed by one of the market references: the Peugeot 308 SW.With all seats folded down, the compact 1,642 l cube to shine on flea markets.

Plug-in hybridization on the program

The new Volkswagen Golf SW does not, for the moment, extend the scope of its range of engines; we just learned that the petrol engines with automatic transmission DSG will adopt a light hybridization 48V.TSI blocks 115, 130 and 150 hp should be part.On the diesel side, it should benefit from the TDI 115 and 150 hp.But we especially hope the introduction of plug-in hybrid units of 204 and 245 hp, in particular to meet the arrival of the Renault Mégane Estate E-Tech Plug-In.

Posted Date: 2020-09-10

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